Messing Up

garbageThis is what the garbage containers looked like along 4th Avenue today. So much for the new city recycling program. David’s, Starbucks, 49th Parallel, Whole Foods – everyone of you were littering the street today. The minimum retailers could do is charge a significant fee for the paper and plastic cups to encourage people to bring in their own travel mug. The fee could go to the city to help clean up this mess and to pay for an effective education campaign on recycling and composting. Enlightened business associations like the one in Strathcona are being very proactive about waste management. Time for west side BIAs to get busy.

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  1. The Vancouver region of our province has become a disappointment when it comes to recycling and the managment of municipal solid waste.

    One of the most beautiful olaces on earth wants to build new garbage incinerators to deal with our discards and sell it as “Zero Waste”.

    It’s up to each of us to make the changes to resuse and refill. Disposable containers are an embarrasment for any business if being “GREEN” is the goal.

    The 3 R’s needs a makeover. We must add Rethink and Redesign. Throwing stuff away means we must ask “where is away”?

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