Spring Gillard

Green Story Time


The City of Vancouver has reached the halfway mark on its Greenest City Action Plan and is asking for input.

It’s the Bright Green Summer! The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan is at its mid-point, and it’s time to celebrate successes to date and look at what’s to come. Join us this summer […]

Clean the Green

I pulled this little notice from the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City newsletter. This annual month long event is a great way to meet your neighbours and help to keep our “green city” clean. There are several other greening events listed below as well. Happy Earth Day!

Keep Vancouver Spectacular (KVS) celebrates 20 years […]

Balloons Blow

It was world water day yesterday. The City of Vancouver featured ways for you to conserve water and care for local watersheds in their Greenest City News e-letter. There are many groups working to improve local watersheds such as the Rivershed Society of BC and Still Moon Arts Society. David Suzuki posted a […]

Portland Green Scenes

Sorting out from my trip to Portland. I’ll be writing about the many highlights of the Community Food Security Coalition Food Policy conference in the coming weeks. Here are a few reasons why Portland is giving Vancouver (BC, not the one across the river from Portland) a run for our money in terms of being […]