Spring Gillard

City Farm Boy

Last summer I ran into Ward Teulon – “ the City Farm Boy at my neighbourhood farmers’ market. Ward has 13 gardens scattered throughout the city, mostly in people’s backyards. One of his most productive sites is on the podium level of Freesia, a high rise development in the heart of downtown. The developers asked […]

Addicted to Farmers’ Markets

Just back from the Okanagan. I spent nearly two weeks of the summer “at home”. I still call it that because my folks and now both my brothers live there, as well as my adorable, precocious five-year old nephew. It was a fruitful time. Although it is now clear that I am certifiably addicted to […]

Return of the Pocket Market

Our first pocket market in August was a resounding success. Several seniors arrived early, patiently awaiting the fresh fruit and veggie market opening. Meanwhile we were scrambling to get everything set up, priced and artistically displayed. We had a beautiful array of fruit and veggies laid out on two big tables. There were golden plums […]