Spring Gillard

Inspiration Lab

Photo credit: Alex Ramon, July 2005

Cool new tech space at the library. Spotted this in the Greenest City newsletter this week.

The Vancouver Public Library’s Downtown branch is now home to a new custom-built digital media space, the Inspiration Lab. Featuring high-performance computers, recording studios, creativity and digitization stations, and collaboration and […]


Popular theatre is used by some adult educators as a process to explore diverse and often controversial issues. I have participated in a couple of interactive productions where I stepped onto the stage and became one of the characters midway through the play. It is a remarkable and engaging experience with frequently surprising results. Artistic […]

Why Meditate?

Photo: Frank Barilani

I have read many of Pema Chodron’s books. They are jam-packed with wisdom and her writing is so accessible. In this excerpt, she gives some very practical benefits of meditation.

Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that […]


Just found out about this innovative public education project, a partnership between Emily Carr, the David Suzuki Foundation and Roundhouse Community Centre. Unfortunately, it ended this past Monday, when the 17 art students, 3 musicians and 3 city planners presented their soundscapes, videos, and artwork. I include it here as inspiration. There are so many […]

Writers’ Rights

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When the Diary was published, I registered with Access Copyright. The nonprofit represents thousands of writers, visual artists and publishers across the country. They license the use of copyrighted material to educational […]

Learning is in our Hands

My research is focused on experiential learning and now I am also working in a place that is steeped in learning by doing. This image and text was floating around on Facebook this week. I tried to find the original source, but it has been touched by too many hands. If anyone does know who […]

UBC Learning Exchange Celebrates 15 Years

The UBC Learning Exchange has been part of the downtown eastside community for fifteen years. I’ve been working there for two months now as the peer-led English conversation program coordinator. This campus is a community-driven place of learning, where people can make connections, share their gifts, skills and ideas, and in the process build capacity […]

Living Out Loud

On Friday, I joined a friend at the North Van Night Market at the Shipyards. It was abuzz. There’s a market, with food and crafts, live music and a long row of food trucks. It’s a wonderful venue; it was crowded, but there’s lots of space to stretch into with plenty of nautical seating throughout […]

Dress Code

I’m supposed to be madly coding data for my research. I’m using this new computer software program, marking the interviews with key “code” words so I can figure out what it all means. Instead, I decided to sort and organize my clothes. Nothing like a deadline to get me in the mood for cleaning.

There […]

Core Issues

I came across a great question in my research readings, one that we should all be asking ourselves as sustainability leaders.

What core value, practice, or belief do you have that sustains you through challenging times?

It’s from Joan McArthur-Blair’s (2004) dissertation on the inner life of post-secondary institutional leaders. In her study, she found […]