Timely Wisdom

respectedpeopleIn addition to being summer solstice, today is National Aboriginal Day. I spent Friday morning at the Musqueam celebration. They had a day of festivities planned. In the opening remarks, the very funny MC, Gordon Grant, said we were to tell what we saw and heard. So this is my effort.

I browsed through a number of interesting displays including their Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project and other sustainability initiatives that the Musqueam Nation is undertaking in collaboration with UBC. I was happy to see a compost bin tucked beside one of the buildings.

I did some good shopping too, there were fabulous art and jewellery vendors, a farmers market, and an amazing bakery stall with mouth-watering scones. I had to leave before the salmon BBQ lunch, but managed to get a little air in my tires at the Bike Co-op before heading back along beautiful Crown Street. The Musqueam partnered with the City on this now mature streetscape and fish habitat enhancement project.

I also spent some time at the impressive cəsnaʔəm, the City before the City exhibit at the Musqueam Cultural Centre. Inside the door there was a very special message for me from the elders shown above. Timely.

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