Spring Gillard

Writers’ Rights

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When the Diary was published, I registered with Access Copyright. The nonprofit represents thousands of writers, visual artists and publishers across the country. They license the use of copyrighted material to educational […]

November Crawl

The Eastside Culture Crawl is upon us again. I’m heading out with some colleagues after work tonight. We’ll cover the Strathcona art studios and likely pop into the Wilder Snail for some food and shelter from the wind and rain that is forecast. Unfortunately, the Ukranian Hall isn’t open on Friday night, but they will […]

Spirit World Speaks

Prompted by a curiosity I had about 20 year cycles, I have been rereading my journals from 1994. During that year I was in Tofino doing some film work and quite serendipitously connected with some relatives I didn’t know I had. They are connected to the Cree bloodline that runs through my Dad’s side of […]

Beach Furniture

This wonderful beach furniture was created by Hugo Franca of Brazil. It’s part of the Vancouver Biennale, a public art exhibition that takes place every two years and includes sculpture, media and performance works by established and emerging artists from around the world. The functional sculptures are located at Spanish Banks. See some great pictures […]

Piano Man

Spotted this lovely scene while walking around the downtown eastside on my lunch hour this week. City Studio has placed ten pianos around town to inspire random acts of music. Beautiful!

Dressed for the Hunt

My friend Linda and I went to the Folk Festival on Friday evening. Although we both love music, it was the shopping we had in mind. She was looking for a dress. I was on the hunt for dressy tees. We didn’t have tickets, so we were restricted to the Craft Village outside the fence. […]

Clay Art

I first came across this young potter at the Khatsahlano Festival. Sophia Kim is a grad of Emily Carr. Love her shapes and textures and earthy palette. I took her card, then the very next day I saw her again at the Ladner Farmer’s Market. Must mean I have to buy that bowl I had […]

Sea-Witching Time

When I was doing my undergrad at University of Victoria, I became captivated by the poetry of Susan Musgrave. In particular it was her volume called Songs of the Sea-Witch that spoke to me. They were what she calls “sea-sad,” “loamishly sad.” Her tragic tales and romantic lines appealed to my passionate young heart. I […]

Rumi Has It

Coleman Barks

Today, like every other day, we wake up frightened.

Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.

Take down a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love, be what we do

There are a hundred ways to kneel […]

Art for Social Change

Many years ago I had the opportunity to do some advertising and promotion for the Anna Wyman Dance Company. Our creative team attended one of the early rehearsals for the upcoming performance. They hadn’t titled it yet. I was reading The Stand by Stephen King at the time, and the dance evoked the same feeling. […]