Hair Dye Brushes

Some years back, I started to let my hair go grey. Family and friends were alarmed. My brother said it was “too soon.” A friend offered to buy me a box of hair dye. Granted I was starting to look like Cruella, one grey stripe down the middle of my forehead. So I gave in to vanity and went back to colour and highlights. As musician Julian Casablancas said, “Vanity can easily overtake wisdom. It usually overtakes common sense.”

As an environmentalist, I am not proud that I use so many chemicals regularly. These small hair dye brushes are a byproduct of my home salon. Fortunately, there are artistic folks out there who can reimagine them as glue and paint brushes. I have given many away. I posted this latest batch on my “buy nothing” Facebook site and presto: a mom wanted to stock up her child’s art room at school. If only there was an easy way to give up vanity.

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