Vintage Dolls

I sold all of my Barbies to some lovely folks that work at a cool vintage store on Main St. in Vancouver. They are collectors! I still had a few left over dolls that I  wanted to find a good home for: Mary Poppins and Mitzi, as well as a some locket dolls and accessories. I posted them on Craigslist in the toys and games area. Initially for $50 or best offer. Then I changed it to “free”. Still no bites after 10 days or so. But the second I switched over to the FREE category, a dozen responses flooded in. So I had my pick of some pretty awesome homes. One was a grandmother wanting a gift for her grandaughter. Another was a family heading home to Cuba for a visit and they wanted to bring some toys for relatives. The one I settled on was a young father who wanted a special birthday gift for his four year old daughter. He was very interested in the vintage aspect and politely asked me my age! Lesson learned: choose the right category when you’re trying to sell your collectibles on sites like Craigslist.

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