Art of Resistance and Liberation

I’m presenting with a fellow student on behalf of the Learning Exchange at this adult ed conference at U.Vic this coming weekend. Looking forward to the social justice tour of downtown Victoria on Saturday afternoon.

A radical celebration for social and environmental change with a focus on (de)colonisation, resurgence, and allyship

The ART OF RESISTANCE AND LIBERATION will spark critical dialogue through art, performance, music, theatre, and social action that challenges dominant norms, inequities and conceptions of knowledge in western society and provokes action for systemic change and a more egalitarian world.

The conference draws on UNESCO’s four pillars of adult education: Learning to be; Learning to do; Learning to know; Learning to live together.

The ART OF RESISTANCE AND LIBERATION recognizes that critical adult education embodies multiple forms and is interdisciplinary by nature.  It seeks to unite academia, activists and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and fields who engage, empower and transform with the ultimate goal of creating a better world. The conference recognizes that central to this is confronting colonization, embracing resurgence, and settler peoples learning to deal with their past, become allies and live in solidarity.

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