Spring Gillard

Art of Resistance and Liberation

I’m presenting with a fellow student on behalf of the Learning Exchange at this adult ed conference at U.Vic this coming weekend. Looking forward to the social justice tour of downtown Victoria on Saturday afternoon.

A radical celebration for social and environmental change with a focus on (de)colonisation, resurgence, and allyship

The ART OF […]

Forgive Me Father

All week, CBC Radio has been running a segment on superhero fathers and listeners have been calling in with their moving stories. Many of my Dad superhero stories include my Wonder Woman mother right alongside him. But, when I was in Victoria recently, a few father-specific moving moments flooded into my mind. And […]

It’s About Time

When I was in Victoria for an education conference last week, I met up with my old friend and roommate from my undergrad days at the university there. Claire and I had lived near each other just outside of Penticton during high school so we hung out a bit […]