Spring Gillard

Storying with Community

For the past year, I have been mapping all of the community engagement (CE) in the Faculty of Education at UBC. As the lead researcher for our faculty working group, I was responsible for ferreting out the projects, gathering the information, then writing them up in story-like fashion. With our talented graphic designer and […]

Garden of Eden

A friend shared this photo with me on Facebook this week. It’s the community garden at the Eden Project, St Blazey, Cornwall, England. The photo is by franieK. That’s all the info that was provided. But the post was paired with this lovely quote, which I will now share with you.

Out of […]

Not a Maverick

I switched my Mac computer over to a new operating system this week and I soon discovered that I am no maverick. I do not like this new system. It’s like learning a whole new language. Nothing is familiar. Apple Mail on my lovely large screen desktop computer looked like I was viewing my emails […]