Storying with Community


For the past year, I have been mapping all of the community engagement (CE) in the Faculty of Education at UBC. As the lead researcher for our faculty working group, I was responsible for ferreting out the projects, gathering the information, then writing them up in story-like fashion. With our talented graphic designer and brilliant web developer, we created a beautiful and ever evolving website, called Storying with Our Communities. The work is diverse and reverberates around the world, from Vancouver to Botswana, Haida Gwai to Castlegar. You can view all the projects on a map, as well as a list or photo grid. Much of the work is project-based, but for some faculty, community engagement is their whole way of being. Have a look at the website and make sure you check out the longer multimedia showcases that feature the work of four faculty members. The CE definitions page is worth a look too. There you will find various definitions, attesting to the fact that it is hard to define CE. Reluctantly, I left the story project last week (my thesis has to get done sometime!), but I’m proud of the work our team did, inspired by the work the faculty is doing, and wanted to share it with my community.

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