Itsy Bitsy Yogi

spidertrapA teeny spider joined me in my restorative yoga class yesterday. He (or maybe she) was hogging the bolster. I pushed the bolster away, only to find he’d moved onto the second bolster nearer to me a few minutes later. OMMMMM MY GOD. I shoved that bolster away with a little more force, almost taking out the Japanese rice screen I was lying beside. Hearing the commotion in the corner, my yoga teacher came silently to my rescue. She gently lifted the bolster, carried it to the door and brushed it onto the sidewalk, all without causing a ruckus. Normally, I would do the same, but I was reluctant to get up from my very restorative position under blankets and pillows. Also, I didn’t have my super duper Lee Valley Tools trap that keeps spiders at arm’s length. My yoga teacher said that a spider in your life means you are weaving a new web. Let’s hope that eight-legged yogi helps me spin some magic into my thesis this year.

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