Pop Up, Pooped Out

I finished my first term at UBC on Friday. Here’s how my school buddy Linda and I marked the occasion. Yesterday, we cleaned our messy homes. Today, we really celebrated by, what else, shopping. We started off at Le Marché St. George, a unique café on the east side, near 28th & Fraser Street. We both ordered items that had fig jam with goat cheese; mine was a warm croissant, hers a sandwich on thick rye bread. Wonderful! Then we popped around the back to visit their pop up store. They had a beautiful selection of textiles and Japanese dishware today. Le Marché has all sorts of pop up events, art shows, summer dinners in the backyard with the chickens. By the way Linda was eyeing those chickens, I think she had more than an omelette in mind for dinner.

I’m hoping that when they rip up Broadway to put in a SkyTrain line to UBC (which is starting to seem inevitable despite a much better and more affordable streetcar option), that all the displaced mom and pop shops will migrate into nooks and crannies off the main drag, so that we don’t wipe out the little character we have left over here on the west side. I realize that may be a run on sentence, but my brain is pooped.

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