Spring Gillard

Meares Effect

I began working with Father Gerry Guillet in the early 1990s, soon after I moved back to Vancouver from Winnipeg. Gerry is a Catholic priest from the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The order hired me to work with Gerry to document some of their work with First Nations. Gerry had taken up […]

Lunch Kit Buddies

I met Linda a couple years ago at a fitness class at our community centre. We were the slowest walkers and bonded as we walked around the track. We are around the same age and turns out both of us were contemplating going back to school to do a Masters. Each week […]

Exchanging Pleasantries

I’m a pretty big fan of bike art, so I was delighted to see these creative trellises at the Mt Pleasant Park Community Garden last night. I was there doing a compost workshop for their garden members. They just installed a lovely wood and wire three-binner and wanted to start their compost system on […]