Lunch Kit Buddies

I met Linda a couple years ago at a fitness class at our community centre. We were the slowest walkers and bonded as we walked around the track. We are around the same age and turns out both of us were contemplating going back to school to do a Masters. Each week we would compare notes. Linda wanted to write a book on outsider art, a passion of hers. School would give her the needed structure. But after being snubbed by the UBC Fine Arts department (they poo pooed her law degree!), she was discouraged. I told her to start a blog. So she did. Then when I had given up on doing a Masters, not having found anything that resonated in all of my explorations, she said, “Why don’t you try the education department?” She had since been welcomed into art education. She gave me her contact, who referred me to educational studies, where I was also welcomed. We were both accepted and will be attending school together this fall. We discovered we have matching Krishna/Ganesh lunch kits. What are the odds? Sounds like the divine plan is falling into place.

Happy Birthday Linda! Still looking for a matching pencil case for you.

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