Spring Gillard

Ribollita Soup

Last weekend, my friend Mark and I were working at one of my two community gardens. While I weeded and seeded, he pulled up the bricks around the plot, built up the ground with more sand and relaid the path. I’m so happy to have a garden helper who likes the building side of gardening.



I’ve been going through past projects to create a project highlights page for my site. When I was working for the Rivershed Society of BC (RSBC), we launched a campaign that I feel very proud of, called the SalmonTrain. This is how it came about.

The Stream of Dreams Murals Society, the group that puts […]

Compost Workshopping

Tis the season to get the compost hopping. If you’re one of the roughly 50 percent of Metro Vancouverites who haven’t yet learned how to compost, or if you want to brush up on your techniques, there are several opportunities in May with moi.

First up, I’m working with Mole Hill Community Housing to set […]