Cocoa Latte

I’ve been off sugar since January. Trying to tame my sweet tooth. But when I simply must have chocolate, I do allow this one decadent treat. In a large mug, put a teaspoon of rich high end cocoa (I get mine from Chocolate Arts), a packet of stevia (a natural sweetener) and fill about three quarters of the way with boiling water. Stir well. Heat about a half a cup of milk (I use vanilla soy) and then foam it. I have one of those little mini battery powered steam wands and it works perfectly.  If you have an espresso machine that can heat and steam the milk – great.  Pour in any liquid and then plop all that foam on top of the cocoa. Yum!

Before you buy those Easter eggs, you might want to re-read two of my December posts: Slave to Chocolate and Drowning in Chocolate. And for a rating of major chocolate companies, check out the Free2Work website set up by the International Labor Rights Forum. The ratings are based on a company’s forced and child labour policies. It’s a great guide for ethical shopping – “ for chocolate and other products.

Happy Easter!

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