Spring Gillard

Ribollita Soup

Last weekend, my friend Mark and I were working at one of my two community gardens. While I weeded and seeded, he pulled up the bricks around the plot, built up the ground with more sand and relaid the path. I’m so happy to have a garden helper who likes the building side of gardening.


Graveyard Gardens

Theft at community gardens has always been a problem. I tend to grow things that people are less likely to swipe, either because they have no idea what it is and how to cook it, or it can’t be swiftly picked. Crops like kale, chard, loose lettuce mixes rather than heads of lettuce are less […]

Something’s Rotten in Compost City

I just published my latest book on-line with Smashwords: Something’s Rotten in Compost City, A Primer on the Politics of Food. It’s been a long time coming. In some ways this book picks up where my last book left off. It’s an account of my life after leaving City Farmer, a non-profit urban agriculture group […]