Spring Gillard

Tower Power

When I worked at City Farmer, I had an idea for a garden gate. I wanted the gate to lift straight up above the garden. But every “expert” I showed it to said it couldn’t be done. It would have to be more of a garage style door, they all said. But […]

Armchair Artist

I like art. All kinds of art. I am inspired by the range and variety of artistic expressions out there. For example, a friend of mine has a blog about Outsider Art in Canada. I’ve had some experience with making functional art through the Solar Bike Tree and other pieces and so I […]

Recycling Desire

Many years ago, sculptor Davide Pan breathed life into a very rough concept I had for a garden gate at City Farmer. The gate used recycled gardening tools and was lifted up and down with pulleys. I wrote about that experience in the Diary in a chapter called Lust & Love at the Garden Gate. […]