Spring Gillard

Circular Economy

Saw this blurb on waste reduction in the Greenest City newsletter. Metro’s Zero Waste conference will focus on the circular economy – sometimes called cradle to cradle. In other words, you plan for the recycling/reuse of the product during the development stage. Looks interesting.

Did you know we throw away over 80,000 potatoes a day […]

Watch Your Waste

Many years ago I recall telling a Metro Van staffer that if they really wanted people to compost, they should ban organics from the landfill. She laughed. Not going to happen. Well lookee here. Although with all this infrastructure and convenient pick up, sadly the numbers of backyard composters are diminishing. At any rate, try […]

Checkstand Advertising

The City is promoting their expanded food scraps recycling program, right at eye level, at grocery store checkstands. So when you’re piling your fresh fruit and veggies onto the conveyer belt, you are reminded about the green bin program. Big check mark for the City on this clever advertising vehicle. But, […]