Circular Economy

zerowasteSaw this blurb on waste reduction in the Greenest City newsletter. Metro’s Zero Waste conference will focus on the circular economy – sometimes called cradle to cradle. In other words, you plan for the recycling/reuse of the product during the development stage. Looks interesting.

Did you know we throw away over 80,000 potatoes a day in Metro Vancouver?

 The Love Food Hate Waste campaign can help you use more of the food you buy and save you up to $700 a year on your grocery bills. 

If we each do one thing differently, we can make big reductions in the amount of good food that is thrown out. Check out online tips for ideas on keeping your food fresh longer, using your leftovers, and reducing food waste while preparing meals.
 The global marketplace is shifting away from a linear take-make-dispose model. Businesses, policymakers and others are taking bold steps to create disruptive ideas, new business models, and enabling technologies that will reduce waste world-wide. On October 29, Metro Vancouver will build on last year’s discussion during their fifth annual Zero Waste Conference. Take in game changing perspectives and hear about leading initiatives that challenge traditional assumptions around waste and demonstrate the economic potential of zero waste and circular economy approaches.

 It is a pivotal time in the transition to a more circular and regenerative economy.

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