The Politics of Food – A Bite Size Course

I offer this course a couple times a year, either stretched out over four Saturdays, or condensed into one weekend.

Companies can also arrange to host the course for staff at the workplace. I give shorter talks based on the various themes presented below too.

The course is based on my new soon to be published book, Something’s Rotten in Compost City, the Plot to Take Over the Food You Eat.

Eating is a political act. Find out how the food on your plate can affect a farmer half a world away. Through field trips, guest speakers, classroom presentations and discussions, students will explore the entire food system from tabletop to ground and back again.

Covers local food issues and movements and the more complex global ones like genetically modified foods and seed monopolies. Examines the charity model and solutions oriented programs like fair trade to see if they really are fair. Students will leave with a basic understanding of the politics of food and 10 things they can do to strengthen the food system in their neighbourhood.

Warning: chocolate and coffee will be consumed! (16 hours) $399.

Instructor: Spring Gillard

Contact: Email Spring for more info

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