Ancient Ruins

Twenty years ago I moved into this condo suite after a tough break up. I remember the sad sad day it was when I moved in. But the next day my nephew was born and I was filled with joy. The cycle of life. Well, here we go again. My landlord, who owns my suite is selling my unit. I will have to move sometime this summer. Last time I had to move, I found this place in the Vancouver Sun classifieds! Yes, a print newspaper. Times have changed. And of course, the housing market is insane. I’ll be lucky to find a place that is double my current rent, it could triple. So time to shape shift once again. It feels appropriate to post this picture of a project in process. It conjures up ancient ruins and civilizations for me. I am thinking of doing some decoupage with this old decaying image and have bought the supplies. But I haven’t been feeling too crafty since hearing the news. There may be a pause on this HeArtful Assembly blog as I reassemble my life.

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