Spring Gillard

Sustainability Competencies

Wals and Corcoran (2012) summarize some of the competencies considered key to the sustainability professional, including “thinking in a forward manner (anticipatory thinking), seeing relationships and interdependencies (systems thinking), the ability to put yourself in the mind of others, even other species, having different backgrounds or living elsewhere (empathic understanding and open-mindedness), utilizing diversity towards […]

Grooves & Moves

Robson Square skating rink has been transformed into a hip hop dance studio. The smooth floor is great for slides and spins. What a wonderful public space to get your groove on, or just to make a few subtle shoulder moves as you watch. Looks like Salsa Sundays are returning this year too!


Messing Up

This is what the garbage containers looked like along 4th Avenue today. So much for the new city recycling program. David’s, Starbucks, 49th Parallel, Whole Foods – everyone of you were littering the street today. The minimum retailers could do is charge a significant fee for the paper and plastic cups to encourage people to […]

Change Makers

I’ve been dipping into a great book called Getting to Maybe, How the world is changed, as I inch along on my thesis. Here the authors offer wise words for changemakers. A leader is only one part of the equation.

A leader often intensifies or clarifies communication. In this sense she may act as […]