Spring Gillard

Mr Lizard Strums in the Yard

Found this gem on Green Renaissance. It’s a forest dragon lizard with a musical bent. The photographer is Aditya Permana from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Hitching a Ride

Some of you may have seen this miracle of nature flying by on Facebook via Green Renaissance as I did. It even made the National on CBC news last night! While it looks like the baby weasel is getting a piggyback from the woodpecker, it is actually attacking it. Photographer Martin LeMay captured this amazing […]

Tropical Dreams

My Dad and brother left for Mexico this morning. Even though our winter has been very mild and surprisingly sunny, I am still dreaming of tropical climes. It helped when I stumbled across this palm tree on my walk today. A windmill palm is perfectly happy growing in northern environments. The palm trees sprout yellow […]