Articulating Speed

#44busI am regularly terrified riding on Translink’s express buses these days. The speed is particularly disturbing in the longer “articulated” buses, which add another 20 feet to the vehicle. The drivers drive them as if they are small sports cars, apparently taking the word “express” as a license to speed. They take corners on two wheels – at least that’s what it feels like to us passengers who are gripping the back of the seat in front of us, or swinging precariously from overhead straps. One evening as I was getting off the #84 bus in a well-heeled neighbourhood close to UBC, somewhat weak-kneed from a harry ride, a man stepped off just behind me. When I met his eye, he shook his head and said he wasn’t sure if we were going to arrive in one piece. I know, I said, I had another harrowing ride this morning. Are drivers pressured to speed? Is racecar technique part of their training program? Do bus drivers ever get speeding tickets? Could be a new source of revenue for the city.

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