Service or Marketing?

14424-botI got this email and a mailed notice warning me that I may lose my Shaw service unless I sign up for their digital box. Funny thing is, I received a similar email a couple years or so ago when they were “upgrading” my neighbourhood to digital. I didn’t buy in then and all my channels were still “viewable.” This message is more threatening. Is it true? Or is it marketing? Might be time for an upgrade, but I think it’ll be Netflix.

To keep your TV service
working, call us today.

Your neighbourhood’s network is being 
upgraded to digital.

Shaw’s digital network upgrade will be completed in your neighbourhood on February 19, 2015. This upgrade is one of many ways in which we are enhancing our extensive network, delivering more channels and our best Internet service to your home.

To keep your TV service working, call us as soon as possible to order your complimentary Digital Box.*

With a Shaw Digital Box, you’ll enjoy:

Up to 23 additional channels at no extra charge
A real-time Interactive Programming Guide
A more intuitive remote control

Simply call 1-888-406-9085 and we’ll send a Shaw installer to your home to set it up and show you how to use it at no cost.*

Call us now at 1-888-406-9085 to keep your TV service working.

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