Dr CLike it isn’t scary enough going to the chiropractor. This alien greeted me when I went for an adjustment recently. This is his season, which, with the whole skeleton thing, I guess I get. I’ve never seen an office so elaborately decked out for the Halloween season, including treats.

I have learned a lot from my chiropractor. I entered the relationship out of desperation and without faith or even curiosity. In fact, I had high resistance. I had an ongoing back issue, but I’d tried every “soft” therapy over three years and nothing was fixing it. What I soon learned is, when resistance meets resistance the results are not good. After a couple of adjustments, I realized what I really needed was to adjust my attitude. I needed to stop resisting and let this man do his work. From that moment on, I began to feel better and I believe I’m on the road to recovery. Our relationship changed too. I have come to appreciate his unique talents and his macabre sense of humour. If you live in Vancouver and you need a very good chiropractor, contact me and I’ll reveal his identity.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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