Putting Energy to Good Use?


I got my Toshiba VCR/DVD player and my little JVC CD/cassette player fixed over Christmas. Yes, I’m a Luddite. I don’t want a digital box, I don’t want a PVR, despite all the strong-arming going on by the service providers. I don’t need to watch more TV than I already do. Although, it is getting tougher to find VHS and audio tapes to record on!

Friends and family discouraged me, saying I could get brand new state of the art systems for less than I’d pay to have these relics repaired. Even the repair guy was not optimistic. In the end, it cost me just under $100 to have them both tuned up. Once again, they work perfectly. As for my TV, it’s a Sony, probably 25 years old, never needed a tune-up, definitely not a flat screen, nor high definition, but it does have a remote control that I actually know how to use.

For me, taking the time to get my electronics repaired was well worth the effort, but no doubt someone will point out to me that my antiques are energy guzzlers.

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