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dishcloth600A friend of mine gave me a Swedish dishcloth in my Christmas goodie package. Who knew there was such a thing? On the tag, I read: “This marvelously absorbent dish cloth from Sweden is a wonder in the kitchen.” Apparently after using it I would never return to sponges or old rags. I gave it a try. As promised, it did soften up when I moistened it, and it did scrub off the black marks on my wall easily. The product is distributed by cose nuove (new things). The giftware company, based in Minnesota not Sweden, also sells Zzzoolights lamps from Italy, candleholders, reindeer antler bottle openers, cookie cutters and wooden bunnies. The dishcloths, which come in a range of colours and designs, are made from 70% cellulose (plant material) and 30% cotton. The website claims they are compostable. When I’ve finished washing and drying it like a dream, I will have to see if that is true. So far the cloth has lived up to the promises on the tag, including the final one: “the motif will give your kitchen a Scandinavian accent.”

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