To Robin, Love Spring

I don’t think I ever met her in person. But we corresponded by email. She was a kindred spirit, cobbling together a living from various offerings. Author, speaker, gardening and permaculture workshops, a small nursery. While she was gifted in so many areas, she often struggled to make ends meet. The downside of not being defined by a concise job description.

In many ways, we led parallel lives. First of all there’s our names, herald of spring, and well, the season itself.of spring, and well, the season itself. We both wrote books on food and gardening topics, even had the same publisher. We both did workshops through Village Vancouver, talked about doing one together but never quite got around to it. Awhile back, we were discussing the possibility of doing a joint weekend course up in the Queen Charlottes. The last time we exchanged emails, she had just had surgery and said she would need some recovery time. She didn’t tell me she had cancer. I found out this morning that Robin Wheeler passed away Monday night. It hit me hard, even though I didn’t know her well. What a loss, not only to her small community of Roberts Creek, but to our larger community and the food security movement.

Robin, at times, you may have felt unacknowledged and unappreciated. But your life and work were very important and certainly had an impact on me. I will miss your sweet song.

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  1. This is a sad announcement for sure – Indeed you will be missed. Thank you for all you gave, and to your friends and family – thank you for sharing Robin with the world – she and her work will ‘live on’ in many ways.

  2. Robin connected us to this earth. She was wise, humourous, with such a sweet personality. It was a privilage to have her wisdom shared with all of us. She left a proud and purposeful legacy. She will be missed. Now, may she go onward to greater aspirations!

  3. Oh man. Just got home. Barb just shared with me about Robin. Aaahhh! Man, I met Robin 12 years ago, when I stumbled off of living on Gambier for many years. New to the Sunshine Coast, trying to get work for my portable sawmill business. One of my first jobs was for someone on Pell Road. Just down the way was Robin, who had heard I was milling nearby. She wanted to see what I was doing and mentioned she had some logs needing milling. An extremely friendly person, Robin asked “if it would be worth her while”. She needed raised garden bed planks and some decking material. I of course had to go to her place to see what she needed. I was easily drawn in to he friendly spirit and of course, once I saw her place, how little room there was to mill, how few logs she had, logic went right out the window. She was new to me, had no money, I was new to the coast but she shared her vision about growing food and gardening. Needless to say, I milled Robin’s logs. I listened to her share her passionate vision. Man, though not the most financially profitable job, the value in return with Robin sharing her spirit, was priceless. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Robin. Peace be with you and you are with us all Robin. You made an impact and shared valuable lessons. Thank you for inviting me in. Buddy Boyd

  4. Goodbye Robin! I also admired what you were doing from afar, had great email conversations with you, and will always be sorry I never quite made it over to Roberts Creek to see, in person, what you were up to. I know, from many, the positive influence you had on so many, and know you will be missed. I feel like somehow this is the passing of a legend.
    I am sure there are gardens in the afterlife…will meet you there someday!

  5. I was fortunate enough to have met with Robin a number of times over the years, especially when I went to seedy saturday at Roberts Creek. Always looked forward to seeing her. She helped me alot when my dog Poohbear was dying of cancer.

    Robin, you will be missed by all who had the opportunity to meet you both in person and over the email. The world is poorer now because you’ve left us. I hope Poohbear was there waiting for you on the other side. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to meet Chloe.

  6. Such a wonderful person.

    Thank you for your teachings of being conscious, compassionate, and caring for the earth and for each other.

    The inspiration you have given to many will do great things for all. You’ll see. Peace

  7. Robin:
    a gaggle of giggles,
    a quagmire of angst, for all her beloved Earth beings,
    a deep caring and outward bound trust and loving;

    I mazed to her inner couch by the fire
    and left through some other door, bare footed with humility, drunk with tea, Relevant Remedy tincture in hand and Haida potato tubers.

    We pushed hands through the “How to Grow a Seed Collective” manual and agreed to calm down and carry on!
    Kilsli Robin – I salute the chief within you.
    Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. Susan

  8. Robin Wheeler – your presence will be missed and will continue to grow with the beautiful seeds and plants that you have stewarded, as well as the hearts and minds of those you have touched. I found your seeds at the COABC conference on the weekend and will put together a little garden dedicated to you and the work you did in this world.
    Love and gratitude,
    Sara Dent

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