Torn Between Two Gardens

Finally, after being on numerous waiting lists for a couple of years, I now have my own plot in a community garden. The Pine Street Community Garden is one of the gardens along the railway tracks in Kitsilano. It has a community orchard as well. I selected my plot last Sunday. A little work to do, but I’ve already ordered my seeds in anticipation. This Sunday we have a work party to get the whole area spruced up.

I haven’t been able to give up my connection with the Kits Collaborative Garden though. Yesterday we hauled all our tools and equipment out of the storage area and took an inventory. Kits House will be moving to temporary gigs soon as they are renovating. We will have our parking lot garden and another large space if we want it until the end of August. Plenty of time to grow some greens, peas, beans. We’re all bringing our wish list of crops next week. We are a small crew this year, but an enthusiastic one.

Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up this two garden tango all summer long, but will enjoy the dance as long as I can.


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