Compost in a Carport

Well, I’m at it again. Another compost workshop. This time in an undisclosed carport somewhere in Dunbar. The secret location will only be given upon registration. Not only will we be protected from the elements, but we will have light in these darkening days of summer.

Many people don’t have yard space for a composter and have to set the bin on cement areas. Not ideal for a couple reasons. The most superficial of which is esthetics; a black liquid (known as leachate, a byproduct of composting and an excellent natural fertilizer) will ooze from the bin and stain your patio. But more importantly, it is my fervent belief that a compost bin needs to be on the ground, not only to absorb the nutrients from the leachate, but so the various critters (worms, sowbugs, etc) can come and go at their preferred temperature. Learn more about keeping the little critters happy, but preventing the larger ones with long tails from setting up house. Details below in the info from Village Vancouver, my partner in compostology.

Village Vancouver, Fork in the Road and Garden Heart Productions are pleased to offer a new neighbourhood food growing/sharing workshop.

Backyard Composting with Spring Gillard
Wednesday, September 16th 6-8 pm
near 18th and Dunbar in Vancouver

Want to learn how to compost or get some tips on how to manage your smelly, rat infested bin better? Is it too dangerous to compost if you live in a non-earthquake proof highrise? Is it ok to put dead pigeons or belly button lint in the bin? How many compost bins does it take to compost a 50 lb. pumpkin?

Join Spring Gillard, author of Diary of a Compost Hotline Operator and get all your burning compost questions answered in this fun and informative two hour learning party for both new and experienced composters.

Spring does widespread research into urban agriculture around the world. She is an avid storyteller who believes in the power of humour to convey serious messages.

The workshop is offered on a pay what you can basis. A two hour Backyard Composting workshop usually costs around $25 to $35. Our contributions make it possible for teachers like Spring to expand and deepen the scope of the important educational work they are involved in.

To register (or to host a future backyard composting or other networking workshop, or to be notified about future workshops and other Village Vancouver events in your community) please contact Ross at Everyone is welcome to attend, but registration is limited to 20 participants.

Village Vancouver’s food networking workshops and learning parties are community based gatherings that help participants connect with others who share interests around food and sustainability on a neighbourhood level. Other network presenters include Robin Wheeler (founder Sustainable Living Arts School – Roberts Creek, author Food Security for the Faint of Heart, and Gardening for the Faint of Heart) and Heather Havens(Agricultural and animal scientist, Backyard Chickens 101). This is our 15th workshop.

Fork in the Road: Cultivating Food and Community in Local Neighbourhoods is a 1 1/2 day gathering organized by Village Vancouver members. We use fun games and exercises to explore “What would happen if we made a conscious effort to create neighbour based food growing/sharing networks in our neighbourhoods and communities?” Fork participants have also been known to get together for potlucks where we share nourishing food, information and resources. The next Fork gathering is scheduled for Nov. 13th and 14th at Langara College. For further info, please contact Leslie Kemp at

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