Spring Gillard

Worm Wigwam at UBC

I spotted a Worm Wigwam up at UBC this week. A couple years ago when I was doing the Metro Vancouver On-Site Composting Technology Review we were investigating the Worm Wigwam at a co-housing development in Bellingham.

The Worm Wigwam is a small-scale continuous-flow vermicomposting system with interchangeable bottom and lid and […]

Fresh Roots Urban Farm

We are winding up our composting pilots for the City and the wrap up for Grandview Woodland participants was a composting tour with Fresh Roots Urban Farm. This group of passionate urban farmers is just as passionate about composting and they have a number of productive systems at their various sites in East Vancouver. We […]

Compost at Sea

It’s hard to escape your past. After 14 years as the compost hotline operator, it has been hard for me to move beyond that identity. I occasionally think I may have been successful in creating a new persona. Like the time I wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper about eco-density […]