Spring Gillard

Stem the Water

I heard Ian Tostenson, the president of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association on CBC Radio recently during a piece about the drought in Vancouver. With stage three water restrictions in place throughout Metro Vancouver, the announcer was curious what the restaurant industry was doing to help ­– such as not automatically serving water […]

Brown is the New Green

Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

I prefer to grow food in the front and back yard, but it’s nice for the kids and dogs to have some grass to roll around on. If you must have lawn, here are some tips to conserve water from the Greenest City newsletter – and a great […]

Wishy Washy

I just got back from swimming at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (VAQ), which I do a couple times a week. I like supporting my local community centres, but once again, I found myself cursing in the shower stall. In the last year, the Park Board upgraded the shower system as part of a change room […]