Spring Gillard

Celebration Time

A week ago Friday, I successfully defended my Master of Arts thesis at UBC, entitled Moving Force: Case study of a sustainability tour as a potential vehicle to enhance application of learning. I will post a link to the thesis once it is uploaded to the great vault in the sky. My degree will be […]

Pro-D Daze

One of the bonuses of being a grad student is participating in a vast array of professional development courses – for free! I would pay serious coin for similar ones “out in the world.” UBC is committed to getting its grad students employed post-degree. I’ve taken a number of courses already. So far, […]


I attended a grad student orientation at UBC last week. The uplifting video and the speakers succeeded in making me feel like one of the chosen. But the moment I felt most proud to be attending school here and living in this beautiful province and amazing country, was when Jenny Phelps, assistant dean at […]