Spring Gillard

Too Tart

I bought myself a yummy pumpkin tart from Terra Breads over Thanksgiving. But the liner left a bad taste in my mouth. They used to use tin cupcake liners, which are recyclable. Now they are using a plasticized paper shell, which is not. The “retail performance” manager informed me that they do use compostable takeout […]

Joy of Feeding

Now this sounds like a positively yummy event. UBC Farm is inviting us to celebrate and enjoy comfort foods created and cooked from the heart at the Joy of Feeding. Fifteen Canadian moms of various heritages will share their cuisines, stories and cultures at this community cooking event organized by (moms) Meeru Dhalwala of Vij’s […]

Bread and Brains

My friend Robert Ouimet is the man behind my blog curtain. Former CBC Radio producer and new media wiz, this guy fell from the sky into my life, right when I needed a web site. He also produces Can Urban Agriculture Save the World? – “ the podcast I do with David Tracey.

Aside from […]


On Christmas morning, I eat their chocolate cherry panettone. That herald of the season. It is tradition. At Easter this year, I was surprised by their chocolate hazelnut brioche. A poem in my mouth. Mother’s Day brought little chocolate cakes, tall cupcakes really with a caramel butter cream icing! Although I am no mother, I […]