Spring Gillard

Celebration Time

A week ago Friday, I successfully defended my Master of Arts thesis at UBC, entitled Moving Force: Case study of a sustainability tour as a potential vehicle to enhance application of learning. I will post a link to the thesis once it is uploaded to the great vault in the sky. My degree will be […]

Gaining Ground?

I am not sure if we’re gaining ground. It doesn’t look like it from so many angles. But perhaps the stellar line up of speakers at the Gaining Ground Conference (Oct 20-22) in Vancouver will have a brighter perspective. Speakers include author Paul Hawken; Bill Rees, of ecological footprint fame; Anita Burke, former advisor to […]

Green Scenes

I do tours. Tours on things that are green and sustainable. I started the Green Scenes program with partner Simon Fraser University Centre for Sustainable Community Development a few years ago. I now do a course with them, detailed below. And also this fall will be doing a number of tours at the Gaining Ground […]