Spring Gillard

Politicos: Growth is Passe

Credit: Mikey G Ottawa via Flickr

I’m very tired of hearing about “growth” in the economy from the mouths of politicians and newscasters. Even CBC radio devotes far too much space to the ups and downs of the Dow Jones. Unchecked growth leads to disease and collapse in any system. In Fritjof Capra’s […]

Redesigning the Economy

For those who think there isn’t a viable alternative to the present economic model, I would urge you to study Paul Hawken’s restorative plan that is laid out brilliantly in the Ecology of Commerce (Harper Business, Revised Edition, 2010). I know I keep harping on this book, but seriously, it’s all there. Here’s another fabulous […]

Green Fees

No this is not about what you pay for a round of golf, this is about a sensible way to integrate external costs into the price of a product. Paul Hawken explains in the Ecology of Commerce (Harper Business, Revised Edition, 2010, p. 145).

The main function of green taxes is not to raise revenue […]

Ecological Succession

I’m rereading Paul Hawken’s Ecology of Commerce. I’m searching for a quote I know I read the first time through where he defines what true capitalism is (he claims we haven’t actually tried it yet). The book is so brilliant; I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it. Here’s just one example […]