Spring Gillard

Cut Out Waste

There’s a great feature on food waste in the August issue of Alive Magazine. Here’s an excerpt, but there’s much more if you click on the link.

In Canada, we throw away more food per year than Africa produces. This figure may seem shocking, but there’s no denying the cost of food waste—nearly $31 billion […]

War on Food Waste

I’m not usually impressed by all the wars being waged in the world. But here’s one I can get behind. This week there was, in fact, very good news on the food recovery front, as reported in the New York Times Green blog. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is joining the fight to prevent perfectly […]

Feeding Ourselves: How Do We Fare on the West Side?

You may have heard the term “food security” tossed around over your mesclun salad mix. You may even know what it means. Or think you know. So what the heck does it mean? To me, it means that everyone in a community has consistent and adequate access to healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate food without ever […]