Spring Gillard

Learning is in our Hands

My research is focused on experiential learning and now I am also working in a place that is steeped in learning by doing. This image and text was floating around on Facebook this week. I tried to find the original source, but it has been touched by too many hands. If anyone does know who […]

Dance Walk

Space is shared by both dance and architecture as a medium either to frame or to express conceptual, emotional and also very concrete ideas. How do artists and architects experience, understand, consider, think, use space?

– Mirna Zagar, Executive Director, The Dance Centre, Dance Aesthetics: The Significance of Space

I […]

Cruz on Kolb

I’m reading and writing about Kolb’s four stage experiential learning theory: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, active experimentation. I’ll use a semi-hypothetical trip to the Vancouver Aquarium with my young nephew Cruz to illustrate. The first stage involves experiencing with all of the incumbent feelings that are evoked. (Wow, it’s so […]