Spring Gillard

Pink Rocker


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She was sitting on the sidewalk at the corner of Pender and Hastings whaling on her guitar when I walked by at lunch one day this week. She had a sign in front of her that said: Sorry, I know I sound bad, but I have a cold. […]


This is the second interview I did along my neighbourhood “gauntlet”. Danny was the first.

“Is McDonald’s ok for you?” Ken asks.

“Sure,” I say. Secretly quite happy I have an excuse to indulge in their french fries.

We park Jersey Cow outside with Ken’s backpack. Jersey Cow is a black and white Pitt Bull/Staffordshire […]

Can Urban Agriculture Save the World?

David Tracey and I are doing a series of podcasts, exploring the question: Can Urban Agriculture Save the World?

David is an environmental designer and author of Guerilla Gardening, A Manualfesto (New Society 2007). You know who I am and what I wrote, I hope. But just in case, it was Diary of a […]