Spring Gillard


I just read a book co-authored by John McKnight called Abundant Community. Community developers will probably be familiar with his work. I loved his description of generosity and I share the excerpt with you here.

Generosity goes beyond kindness. It is the alternative to the world of barter. Generosity is to make an offer […]

New Immigrant

Look who’s moved into Gastown. Versace has opened a flagship “home” store at 310 West Cordova in the old deLuxe Junk location. The opulent new retailer seems all the more flagrant when butted up against its poor and homeless neighbours in the downtown eastside.

Loyal Friends

A quote from Eknath Easwaran. A picture of Ganesh wrapped in silk prayer flags made by a dear friend. Cozy combo for a rainy Sunday.

Loyalty is the quintessence of love. When two people tell each other, “As long as you do what I like, I’ll stay with you, but as soon as you start […]