Spring Gillard

Underground Art

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I have not been to Sweden, but the Stockholm metro system appears to be as much art as transit. Each of the 100 stations is themed; some of the stops feature sculptures emerging out of granite, others use tile, or train-stopping colour. Check out all of the photos at Viral […]

Prize Dictionary

I have prized dictionaries from a very early age. I was gifted with this beautiful 1958 Oxford Dictionary when my aunt passed away this past summer. Sustainability is not in its 2536 pages. Neither is environmentalist. Conservation and conservancy are. And gay still meant “full of or disposed to joy and mirth; light-hearted, […]

Cruz on Kolb

I’m reading and writing about Kolb’s four stage experiential learning theory: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, active experimentation. I’ll use a semi-hypothetical trip to the Vancouver Aquarium with my young nephew Cruz to illustrate. The first stage involves experiencing with all of the incumbent feelings that are evoked. (Wow, it’s so […]

Tower Power

When I worked at City Farmer, I had an idea for a garden gate. I wanted the gate to lift straight up above the garden. But every “expert” I showed it to said it couldn’t be done. It would have to be more of a garage style door, they all said. But […]