Spring Gillard

Feast Table

I’m going to this on Thursday. Can’t wait.

Chefs from UBC and the Alma Mater Society will prepare a sustainable, family-style community dinner on Main Mall using some locally sourced UBC Farm items. White linen, tableware, glassware, and candles will be set for tables of 14 and music will be performed by students from the […]

Feast Bowl

A group of people from the UBC Learning Exchange went to Feast Bowl this past month. It’s a fabulous monthly community meal, with freshly grown ingredients harvested from the Indigenous Health Education and Research Garden at UBC Farm. Staff, students, faculty and community members prepare and share the meal together at the First Nations Longhouse. […]

Cooking with Three Sisters

Looks like a fabulous workshop this weekend at UBC Farm with the Mayan gardeners. A Three Sisters garden contains squash and beans and corn. You will be working with those garden fresh ingredients in the kitchen. Here’s the info.

Traditional Maya Cooking Workshop

Members of the Maya-in-Exile Garden at the UBC Farm invite you […]

The Corporate Climb

I saw these UBC recreation students climbing a wall on campus the other day. Apparently they are raising funds for cancer research. Then I saw the logos. There’s a growing body of evidence, yes scientific even, that links diet and cancer. I guess because UBC is only “A Place of Mind,” the […]

Do-it-yourself Farm Tour

Many of the courses and tours I’ve designed and delivered have included UBC Farm. In the past, I have enlisted one of the UBC Farm staff to join us as they know a lot more about the cows, chickens, bees, the market garden, the public and academic programs, the research… But now, those […]

I Love UBC Farm

I am a big fan of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Farm. I’ll be taking a tour there this spring. It’s the only working farm in the city of Vancouver, located on a 24 hectare expanse of land on the campus grounds, with 10 hectares actually farmable. With that kind of “undeveloped” land one […]