Fine Wine

After stopping in at a cool vintage store

And chatting with a couple of very hip Main Street dudes

My Barbies found a new home.

When the duo told me they had a Barbie vignette wall in their home

I knew it was okay to let go, release, surrender my childhood companions.

Mary Poppins and Mitzi still needed new digs though.

Mary P & Mitzi, The Remaining Collectibles made their debut on Craigslist

Found their match made in heaven with a father

Searching for the perfect birthday gift for his little girl.

What’s your vintage he asked me politely?

Like I was a fine wine

Trying to get a read on just how old M & M were

The debutants finally found their place in four year old arms.

So much more play left in all us girls.

Free verse. Based on Vintage Dolls.

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