Many moons ago, I was in advertising and then branched into documentary film making. One of the downsides of that branch of my career journey is that I have a box of old audio cassettes and videotapes. Many of the tapes are demo reels of my work that I used to get new work. Some of the audio cassettes go back to my copywriting days at CFUN, including a prize-winning spot for Harley Davidson. Over the past few years, I’ve been slowly transferring some of the most prized ones to DVD and CD. So our family movies are safe and so is the hours of footage I shot at a family reunion at our cabin on Beaver Lake. It is not cheap to have these transferred, so it is a slow and painful process of deciding, what is worth saving? The answer to that question changes each time I dip back into the box. I was able to part with a few more in this round. Happy to report that our main recycling depot still takes VHS as well as old CDs and DVDs.

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