Flipping the Flop

tsawwassenMy friend Elizabeth and I went walking in the tide pools at a beach in Tsawwassen today. I had flip flops on and the pressure of the water was too much for them. I blew my left toe thong­ – ripped the cloth between my toes right out of the sole. When we got back to Elizabeth’s house, she offered me a pair of her sandals so we could walk over to the Ladner Farmers’ Market. Part way there, the strap across the front part of the right sandal pulled out. We couldn’t believe it. I had to limp along with one shoe on until we reached the drug store, where I bought a cheap pair of toe thongs to get me home. We figured it must be a lesson, breaking two shoes in one day. We began to analyze it. Was I not moving ahead in life? Was I not grounded? Was it something to do with the masculine (right side) and feminine (left side)? And on and on, digging at the areas in my life that needed work. When we got back to her place and told the tale to her husband James, he said: “Your soul is intact, you’re loosening attachments in perfect balance, left side and right side.” Love how he flipped that lesson around. A great reminder to step into the positive more often.

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