Cornwall Speedway

cornwallAs I sat waiting for the bus today at the Cornwall/Balsam street stop, I saw several vehicles run the red light. This is the very corner that I was almost creamed on. The scrapes the car made on the light post are a constant reminder for me. A friend, who also had a close call at this corner, told me she saw a car up on the northwest curb the other day, the exact spot where the car had jumped and almost hit me. I could see the rezoning sign for the private hospital on that corner had been bashed in.

I watched the speeding vehicles pass, a few ordinary vehicles amid the SUVs, Denalis, Mercedes, BMWs, Lexi (plural of Lexus?). There are no speed limit signs along this road from Burrard to McDonald, just one reminder to slow down in a school zone. Seems to me it would be a good spot for photo radar.

The City has now closed off this speedway that was never meant to be a highway, that is, they have closed it off at McDonald so they can’t speed through onto tony Point Grey Road. If the point really is to stop people speeding through these beachside neighbourhoods, then why not close it off from Burrard? Make the whole street a greenway instead of just the manored strip along Point Grey road. That way us apartment dwellers can cross the street in safety too.

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